Independent, Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Independent, Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Friday, March 06, 2020

Dispatches From Our North Carolina Office

When the pandemic arrives on your doorstep, the best defense is not to walk out the door. That’s what some health professionals are recommending. Stay at home. But how do you do that when work, school, and life keep rolling?

Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter are among the companies encouraging employees to work from home. For many, remote working has been part of the landscape for some time. Many work remotely a few days a week, then travel to the office for the remaining portion of the week. Moving to a full remote operation is not that big of a stretch.

For a finance professional, work happens wherever there is a computer, a phone, and internet access. It’s the reason I can set up shop at our second home in North Carolina. My phone is an extension of the office line located in Mississippi. Our web-based brokerage and client information program allow me to have all the same information at my fingertips.

The only thing I can’t do is a personal meeting. That’s why it’s important to have competent staff manning the office. I’ve also found many clients prefer the convenience of a video conference, and, yes, I can even do those meetings remotely.

For me, working remotely means I’m often more productive. First, I’m up early, and I’m on eastern time. Long before my staff hit the Ridgeland office, I’m cranking! There’s no need for a shower and makeup when you’re operating alone. And my hair? Forget about it!

I didn’t come to the mountains to escape the coronavirus. I came to get some R&R while still taking care of business. But it’s nice to know I’ll be doing my part to put the brakes on its spread!