Independent, Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Independent, Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Ultimate Work From Home Resource

New Perspectives has been working from home for two weeks now! For our own safety, our clients and society at large, we are working from home and minimizing contact with other people.

I work almost exclusively on my tiny laptop anyway, and have taken my "office" to Hong Kong and Atlanta for stretches in the past, so setting up in my home office is a breeze. From anywhere in my house (or the back yard if the mosquitos would stop biting!) I have full and secure access to everything that I have in the office. Many of our partners are also working from home - on service calls with TD Ameritrade this week I have heard babies, cats and Mozart in the background as the work flows on!

Don't forget to take care of yourself first. My gym has been posting at home workouts that I still wake up at 5:45 AM for. Every evening, Blair makes a different single serving, chocolate chip cookie (this was our favorite)!

We've been conducting remote video meetings via Zoom for a some time, but these are more of a necessity now! While it is easy to get started with Zoom, there are a lot of features you can make use of, so check out their tutorials here. During a Zoom hangout with friends and family the other day, one friend learned that she could change her background as often as she wanted... so have fun with it!

Personally I found this the best article for adjusting to working from home. Particularly useful to me was the reminder to Communicate Fully and Frequently: Nancy and I are used to being able to yell at each other down the hall, now we keep a constant flow of text messages and the intercom feature of our landline phones. If you just want to kill some time reading other tips and tricks, here are 30 more, with links to other articles as well.

The McLaughlin Law Firm has compiled great resources for individuals and small business owners in Mississippi and surrounding states. Their blog also breaks down some of the latest stimulus bill and how it meets the needs of individuals and small businesses.

Do you have K-12 students in the house? The Parents Campaign has an excellent set of resources for all ages of student and their parents. They also have a good compilation of announcements from the State Department of Education and other State Agencies.

The National Alliance for Mental Illness has a wonderful list of resources for those who are too stressed or anxious about being cooped up or stepping foot outside. This is a resource that any of us may need at some point, so it is best to be comfortable with it now.

Tough day at the home office? Put on some Dolly Parton and look forward to a better day tomorrow:

What resources have you found useful in these times?