Independent, Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Independent, Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Friday, November 19, 2021

Insurance Series - Post 3: Home Base

Our home is the physical center of our lives. It shelters us. It houses our possessions. It's where we spend time when we have no where else to be. It can even be where we put together a family baseball game! Many of us are buying, remodeling, building or have dreams of doing these things. All of these are investments of our time, energy, money, and future. But, are they adequately protected? Maybe not.

Most people believe house insurance has but one question:  Do you have it? Yes? Ok, I'm good to go. But, are you? I realize it's not leisure reading to sit down with your homeowner's insurance policy and read through it. It's not a novel. It's more of a gameday playbook you should be familiar with. It can be understood. But, it helps to have some coaching and practice. 

There are pieces to a homeowner's policy that you should educate yourself about.

  • Do you know how your insurance company will determine what to pay on a claim?
  • If you remodel your home, you may need to increase your insurance coverage. Did you know that if something happens to your newly remodeled home, your insurance company may deem your home underinsured and would pay less in the event of a claim?
  • Your homeowners insurance protects your other assets too. If your dog gets too excited and accidentally injures someone on your daily walk, does your policy adequately protect your savings and investments?
  • Or, maybe you are considering a pool for next summer. How will that affect your coverage? Or if you do put together that family baseball games and someone gets hurt, are you covered? 

If you can't answer these questions, or you do not feel thoroughly confident in your home insurance facts, now is the time to change that! Visit your trusted insurance agent, then schedule time with someone at New Perspectives. While we do not sell insurance, we can help you decide the coverage that best protects your home, your peace of mind, and your financial future. So, you can feel SAFE at your home base!